galih blog's On Jumat, 19 Juni 2009

ubuntu Steve Langasek has announced the availability of the second alpha release of Ubuntu 9.10, code name "Karmic Koala": "Welcome to Karmic Koala Alpha 2, which will in time become Ubuntu 9.10." What's new? Updated packages; GNOME 2.27.1; Linux kernel 2.6.30 with kernel mode setting enabled for Intel graphics; new Intel video driver architecture; new compiler - GCC 4.4; ext4 as the default file system; GRUB 2 as the default bootloader; underlying technology for power management and laptop Fn key maps moved from hal to DeviceKit-power. Please refer to the release announcement and release notes for more details and known issues. Download (MD5): karmic-desktop-i386.iso (688MB, torrent), karmic-desktop-amd64.iso (694MB, torrent). Also released today were alpha 2 CD images for Kubuntu 9.10 (download) and Xubuntu 9.10 (download).

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