galih blog's On Rabu, 24 Juni 2009

elive The development of Elive 2.0 continues at a furious pace with another development build announced today. What's new? "USB Live - a tool to make a USB stick an Elive bootable live system; Acer Aspire One - perfectly supported, also with a special tool to disable the fan when not needed (very noisy in the bed); Flash updated to the version; better characters for the console mode, more languages supported, smaller font size for console; audio player - we have finally moved from XMMS to Audacious; Russian support is now fixed; miscellaneous installer fixes, specially for those who wanted to use the upgrade mode with a dedicated /home partition, this feature is working again.... Read the full release announcement for further details. Download: elive_1.9.31_unstable.iso (679MB, MD5).

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