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partedmagic Patrick Verner has announced the release of Parted Magic 4.2, an updated version of the popular live CD designed for hard disk management tasks: "I guess it's about time to release another version of Parted Magic. Clonezilla is now part of Parted Magic's program line-up! This is not a dual boot set-up like some people have done in the past, the actual program Clonezilla can be launched directly from the Parted Magic desktop. It took some modifications to get it working and the Clonezilla author Steven Shiau did a fantastic job helping us make the necessary changes to Parted Magic so it would work the way it was intended to work. We also replaced bzip2 with pbzip2 and gzip with pigz." Visit the project's home page to read the full release announcement. Download: (91.4MB, MD5).

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