galih blog's On Jumat, 19 Juni 2009

blankon BlankOn 5.0, an Ubuntu-based distribution designed for Indonesian users, has been released: "Today the BlankOn developer team officially released BlankOn 5.0, code name 'Nanggar'. Some of the new unique features in Nanggar are contextual desktop, with the ability to change the theme and the wallpaper of the desktop based on the computer clock or based on the current weather conditions. Another unique feature is the Aksara Nusantara project which gives the ability to write in Batak Toba alphabet. BlankOn Nanggar provides a user guide that can be downloaded from here. Features: GNOME 2.26; office applications - 3.0.1, GnuCash; GIMP 2.6.6, Inkscape 0.46, Firefox 3.0 web browser; Linux kernel 2.6.28." See the full release notes (bi-lingual in Bahasa Indonesia and English) for further information. Download: blankon-5.0-cdlive-i386.iso (677MB, MD5, torrent).

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