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freenas Volker Theile has announced the release of FreeNAS 0.69.2, a maintenance update of the FreeBSD-based operating system providing free Network-Attached Storage (NAS) services: "FreeNAS 0.69.2 released. Changes: add another WOL patch, it is tested for nfe(4) und xl(4); add switch in 'System|Advanced' WebGUI to enable the console screensaver; upgrade Adaptec SCSI RAID administration tool to 6.10.18359; add ability to enable or disable rc.conf variables; add Danish WebGUI translation; add kernel patches to get ARTiGO A2000 hardware working; add ability to use %d (date) and %h (hostname) in email subjects; add 'MaxLoginAttempts' event to FTP ban list rules; add 'ClientConnectRate' event to FTP ban list rules; allow selecting the key length of the cryptographic algorithm used to encrypt a disk...." Here is the complete release announcement. Download: FreeNAS-i386-LiveCD-0.69.iso (62.0MB, MD5), FreeNAS-amd64-LiveCD-0.69.iso (67.6MB, MD5).

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